What Do You Make Of Cattle Hats?

The first thing that probably pops up in your mind upon sighting some cattle hats at the clothing store will be how one of the pieces can be used to make a fashion statement that cannot be waived off. You’re not alone; most of us see these hats from the fashion angle and hardly attach any other thing serious to them. And, it’s hard to blame anyone going this route, considering that cattle hats are really nice for creating some dapper vibe around one’s dressing or appearance. But cattle hats are just like baseball hats – they may be safe for design and overall construction – as they offer something beyond fashion. So, this article tilts toward enlightening you – and other readers – on the advantages of these hats. You will probably not see them in the same light after going through this article – and that’s for your good.

Significance Of Wearing A Cattle Hat

Without boring you further with some needless or chatty discourse, let’s now consider the significance of having a cattle hat – outside the fashion side of things.

Shade For The Eyes And Face

Summer heat can be a real thorn in the flesh, and it’s usually advisable to have some form of protection on apart from wearing some light clothing. If there’s any singular fashion accessory to use in complementing one’s dressing during this season, it will be nothing but a hat – not even sunglasses will do a better job. The hat will ensure that the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun do not get to the eyes and face directly. Therefore, you can conveniently go about your business while summer heat bakes.

Protection From Sunburn

Sunburn leaves an aberration on the skin, and it is normally as a result of the consistent exposure to sunlight. However, you can look to reduce the incidence of sunburn by wearing your cattle hat aright – that is having the bill facing forward.

Regulation Of Your Body Temperature

This is another way having a hat on can guarantee your comfort. For one, you can expect to keep a relatively low and healthy temperature during summer as the hat prevents the heat of the sun from getting to your scalp and face directly.  Again, wearing on a good hat during the cold season can even help prevent heat from escaping the body – albeit to some extent. You will find hats made from felt material really useful in this regard.

Prevention Of Skin Cancer

The damage done to the skin when it is persistently exposed to the sun cannot be undermined. In the first instance, the sun can speed up the process of aging, causing accelerated wrinkling. Even more disturbing is the fact that UV rays can increase the chances of developing skin cancer are quite high. The hat will, however, be valuable in putting things in check particularly as it concerns protecting your skin from the impact of the sun.

Establishing Affiliation

Well, on a lighter note, folks may also find cattle hats to be a credible piece for showing or supporting the group to which they belong. In this case, they may come up have a couple of customized hats designed for their group.

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