Key Signs You’re Addicted to Body Piercings

There was a time when body piercing was looked on as something only certain types of people did. It hadn’t hit the mainstream and most people didn’t understand the beauty of the art. Luckily, times have changed and people from all walks of life enjoy body piercing. You could be in court standing before a judge who has both of his nipples pierced and you wouldn’t even know it.

Several Piercings

If you want to know whether you are addicted to body piercing, all you have to do is count the number of piercings you have. Just like people get addicted to tattoos, many of us get addicted to body piercing. If you find yourself buying lots of piercing jewellery in Australia and you’ve more than one piercing, it is safe to say you’re probably addicted or on the road to being addicted to piercings. As body modifications become the social norm, more and more people are getting body piercings, from doctors to lawyers and more.

Planning Another Piercing

Constantly thinking about another piercing. Always planning your next piercing. These are signs you are addicted to body piercing. When you walk by a piercing parlour, you always have to take a look and think about what piercing you’ll do next. If you find it hard to forget about body piercing, there is a good chance you’re addicted to it.

Piercing Project

Many people who are addicted to body piercing often have an ongoing project in the works. You are in the piercing studio quite a lot and you are working on something that isn’t a once off piercing session. If you’re working on something long-term, it usually means you are obsessed with body piercing and you’ve a big design in mind.

Good Friends with Your Piercer

Another sign you’re addicted to body piercing is when you are on first name basis or even friends with your piercer. If you keep in regular contact with them and keep speaking to them about your next project, you are probably obsessed. In addition, you may also be part of many Facebook piercing groups.

Body piercing is an art form, and it takes a long time to become highly skilled at it. Many people are obsessed with tattoos and you’ll find that a lot of them also love body piercing. If you’re really fascinated by body art and piercing, why not do an apprenticeship, and get properly involved in the industry.

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