Frequently asked questions on buying wedding gifts

The following are some frequently asked questions before people go to a wedding gift Singapore provider online.

When should you send a wedding gift?

There is a misconception that people can send wedding gifts to the couple until their first anniversary. However, you should not do that. It is better to send the gift as soon as possible after you receive the invitation. You can also send it before the event. But giving it at the time of wedding could add some more value.

How to decide on the budget?

Wedding gifts are dependent on your relationship with the couple. If you are too close to them, you should go with something memorable and touching. So, the cost could be higher. If the relationship is not deep, you can buy a gift according to your budget. As the act of gifting is valuable than the gift itself, you can alter the gift depending on what you have in your pocket.

What to buy?

Anything that could be useful for the couple can be a perfect choice for the wedding gift. You can add romantic value by buying a product meant only for couples like a dating product.

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