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Ashes diamonds are not fakes. They are real diamonds and share the same chemical composition and visual appearance as lab-grown ones. This makes them just as strong, long-lasting, and brilliant as other diamonds. In fact, the average person cannot distinguish the difference between ashes and diamonds – they can only tell if a piece of diamond is made from ashes with the help of specialist equipment. This is why cremation diamonds are often worn as earrings and pendants, not as a burial marker.

The price of cremation diamonds is quite high, especially since the process of creating them is not cheap. The lowest carat size starts at more than $2,000, while the largest sizes and most elegant cuts cost more than $20,000. The price range is comparable to that of a traditional funeral. Some companies, however, allow you to order more than one diamond if you so desire. These companies use the ashes of multiple people in a single order.

Ashes diamond iscreated using a unique process that involves super-heating the ashes to 5,000 degrees and adding chemicals. The ashes are then placed in a machine that replicates the growing conditions deep beneath the earth. As the heat and pressure build, carbon graphite powder crystallizes to form a raw diamond. This process can take up to three months and is overseen by world-renowned scientists in Germany and Texas.

Cremation diamonds are also made from hair and ashes of the deceased. In most cases, people choose to purchase memorial diamonds that will be a constant reminder of their loved ones. In the United Kingdom, the price for a memorial diamond starts at PS for a 0.25 carat amber-coloured option.

The process is similar in the United States, Canada, and Australia. One important difference is the price. Cremation diamonds are much more expensive than memorial diamonds, as the diamonds are created from carbon derived from the ashes of deceased individuals.

Saintdiamonds is the organisation responsible for carrying out the process of transforming human cremation ashes into diamonds. This company recreates the natural conditions under which diamonds are formed by subjecting a laboratory to the same high-pressure, high-temperature conditions.

It can take anywhere from three to nine months to produce a single cremation diamond, and this time frame is entirely dependent on the characteristics of the diamond. In addition to this, the method does not in any way compromise public health or the natural environment.

Carbon is extracted from cremated remains when they are sent to a company that specialises in the production of diamonds. After that, the carbon is put through a process that involves intense heat and pressure to create a diamond. After that, the ashes are put into a machine that was built specifically for the purpose of simulating the conditions of diamond mining.

The completed item has the appearance of a diamond and has been verified to be an actual, natural stone. This service is offered all over the world, and the cremated remains are transported to Switzerland for further processing.

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