Black Friday Shopping List – What Items to Buy and What to Avoid

A global pandemic has badly affected the majority of aspects of your daily life. With Black Friday & Cyber Monday around the corner, you are thinking about making some grand holiday shopping. Both these events offer significant savings on things like appliances, furniture, clothes, high-tech equipment, etc.

Black Friday is on 27th November and is going to be the biggest shopping day for buyers. Below are some items you need to consider because buying due to pandemic Black Friday shopping norm will not be the same.

Buy – Appliances

You can get deep discounts of 40% on dryers, washers, refrigerators, and more during Black Friday sales. For example, the current discount on LG WT7300CW-DLEX7250W is $603.98 is available on, an online appliance store. You can even look for small appliances like mixers, blenders, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, etc. on sale.

Buy – Electronics

On Black Friday, discounts are offered on electronics like televisions, laptops, tablets, video games, etc. You can visit online stores to check the deals. Last year a 65” TV at only $278, so check out!

Buy – Apple products

Every year the previous generation models get sold at dramatic rates. It includes free gift cards on purchase of a specific mobile up to $500, and even price cuts. Apple discounts will not vanish as it has already put its items on sale in advance. Therefore, look for deals on iPads, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, iPhones, iMacs, and MacBooks

Buy – Christmas décor

Due to the pandemic, you will be unable to visit the mall before Christmas. If you wait long to order the decorations online, it can cause shipping delays. Therefore, even if you had been avoiding to buy Christmas décor during Black Friday, it is logical to add it to your shopping list.

Avoid – Toys

Last year, action figures, dolls, playsets, etc. had been on sale with a great 50% discount until Christmas Day. Therefore, don’t rush to buy toys thinking it will sell out. There are chances you can grab big savings on what is remaining.

Avoid – Beddings

During seasonal promotions that occur every January, retailers host sales. The discounts offered on linens, pillows, bedding, and towel is as high as 70%. Wait till January to refurbish your bedroom looks!

Avoid – Winter clothing

Big clearance sales are hosted frequently, so it is not worth to go winter clothing shopping on Black Friday. However, if you wish to have something warm then the department stores can offer you winter jackets or boots at discounted rates.

Choose online shopping

Due to pandemics, online shopping is the best option. Besides, safety and convenience you can enjoy savings. Online buyers can even enjoy perks like free home delivery.

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