A Brief on Different Types of Golden Engagement Ring

The use of gold for jewelry purposes can be traced from 5,000 years back. Even in recent times, gold has successfully held its high importance. Nobody can go wrong with gold; it suits everyone. It is believed that gold brings prosperity and luck to your life.

  One might be blessed to find their soulmate but might not be that fortunate to get hold of the one perfect golden engagement ring for their fiancée; as they might love every next ring shown. Purchasing an engagement ring for the beloved is an intimate and special decision. It symbolizes the promise to stay together and make each other’s life better.

 Designs come and go in trends. The ring to be chosen should complement the wearer’s hand features, style, and suit their personality. In this article, we will tell you things you should know to buy the best golden engagement ring.

Different types of gold:

Golden rings give vintage and royal vibes. This adds charm to one’s look. When the natural form of the gold is mixed with the different metals it forms different colors of gold. It is namely of three types: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Gold offers one multiple option in colors to choose at affordable prices.

  • Yellow Gold: It is the natural and most preferred type of gold used for engagement rings. The 24 karat is the purest form of gold; it is too malleable to turn into rings. Engagement rings are usually of 18 karats or 14 karats. It is the combination of pure gold and the alloy of silver, copper and zinc. They are made more durable and can endure the hectic day-to-day schedule. Yellow Gold rings do not fade in color. These are mainly for traditional jewelry.
  • White Gold: When yellow gold is mixed with some base metal like nickel or palladium and is given a coat of Rhodium, it becomes white gold. It looks similar to platinum or silver. It is available in 18k, 16k, and 14k. The white tone of the ring gives an elegant and classy look to the wearer. It is more durable than yellow gold. With passing days, it might form a yellowish hue.
  • Rose Gold: This is a new and unique alternative to the other two types of gold. The reddish and warm tone comes when the yellow gold is combined with copper and silver. It gives a sophisticated and vibrant look to the wearer. It gives romantic vibes. It is more durable compared to white and yellow gold. It is available in 18k, 16k, and 14k. It is not as costly as the other two. It suits every skin tone.

Platinum can also be used as the band of the ring. It is highly expensive. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are usually used as the shank. According to personal preference, one can choose a center stone or a plain wide band with stones engraved or a motif designed. Centre stone might be a diamond, colored diamond, or gemstones.

Factors to keep in mind while buying a golden engagement ring:

  • Budget: Prepare a budget range in There is no point in purchasing something too expensive which will later be replaced by the wedding band.
  • Quality: Since the ring is forever, it should be of high-quality.
  • Personal preference: For the ring to be magnificent, the wearer’s style statement, taste, liking of the type of setting, color, the band should be considered.
  • Skin tone: Yellow gold and Rose gold complements warmer skin tones. White gold complements lighter skin tones.
  • Allergies: Yellow Gold is hypoallergenic. Some people might be sensitive to nickel, copper, or silver mixed in gold.
  • Stacked with wedding ring: Some people stack their engagement ring with the wedding ring on the same finger. Both should complement each other.

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