1911 Holster OWB Is Very Convenient

 A gun holster is the safest way to store a gun. Police officers are required to carry a gun with them all the time. But carrying a gun without a holster can be dangerous for other people and the officers themselves. Hence they must always carry their guns in a 1911 holster OWB. It stores the gun properly so it doesn’t harm anybody accidentally and is easy to draw from here in a crisis.

1911 holster OWB is a gun holster usually worn on the belt. The full form of OWB is Outside the Waistband. It is worn on the outer part of the belt instead of the inner and can be drawn. They can be worn high on your body, slightly above the hip as you can easily hide the gun with a jacket or coat. The gun holsters are usually worn by military officers and police officers as it has multiple benefits.

Police officers carry guns regularly and hence their guns require the most protection. A gun holster keeps the gun safe from other people grabbing it and then using it. Also, sometimes regular citizens might get scared of the gun in the open. If it is covered by the holster then people might not notice it. The gun holster also has a cover flap so that nobody can grab it and pull it out.

The carry position of the gun holster is also important in order of convenience. The police officers must be able to pull out the gun in a time of need. Some gun holsters also have small compartments to put the extra ammunition so you don’t have to carry it separately. The gun holster easily attaches to our body and doesn’t fall off easily.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of 1911 Holster OWB? 

1911 holster OWB is an alternative for inside the waistband holsters. There is no major difference between these two types of gun holsters except for their position on the user’s body. Though the outside waistband holster has many advantages over the inside waistband holsters.

Outside the waistband is considered more comfortable as it is worn on the belt and can be drawn out quickly and easily. The outside waistband holsters are more accessible compared to inside waistband holsters and can be worn with tight clothes. While inside the waistband holsters require loose clothes to position inside the clothes. Also, the speed of drawing out the gun depends on the user’s practice and often use.

Outside the waistband, holsters can be concealed easily with a jacket or an overcoat. Though inside the waistband holsters can be concealed as you wear them under your clothes. But in the end, outside-the-waistband holsters are more beneficial than inside-the-waistband holsters in terms of convenience and access to the gun in time.

There are also outside the waistband gun holsters available that can be worn directly like a belt. So the user doesn’t have to wear the belt and the gun holster separately.

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